Creating Purpose

Something everyone strives to accomplish, develop, or understand. This is a very healthy aspiration in my opinion, because it provides as strong focus on the direction of their lives. On the other end of it, purpose can be quite taxing on many emotional levels due to the lack of understanding as it pertains to how we fit in. Either way I believe it is something everyone should strive for!

Interestingly enough “purpose” does not have to be a hugely overwhelming accomplishment. Such ideas as being a dedicated parent, husband, wife, brother, sister, etc. are all relevant and important purposes to aspire for. Granted these subjects have major affects on our lives, but they can be much easier to attain than “Saving the World”. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who are doing and have done incredible things. Not everyone has the opportunity however, but everyone has something they can help define and shape their future.

I am personally shaped and changed everyday from my Christian faith, so naturally my purpose is to bring glory to God in everything I do. Many oppose it, but like anything else in this world some will oppose you regardless of it’s nobility. After years of being confronted with it, I can honestly say I am used to the opposition.

For those of you who find purpose somewhere else, the biggest advice I can give is prepare, prepare, prepare! No matter what purpose you are striving to achieve, be patient and know they’re will be others who are on the same path as you are. You never have to find your purpose by yourself, others are out there and they are looking for just as much help as you are.

Whether you are in need of sympathy, strength, humor, comfort, or motivation you will can find what you need. Doing this will help you not only prepare, but also get past whatever struggle you may be facing while finding your purpose. The last advice I would give is, your purpose will change!

Weird right! If you look deep enough you will understand that you have a different purpose according to who your with, and where you are. At work, home, school you having different responsibilities, and needs. That in itself gives you a different purpose altogether. knowing this will help you create what you came here to learn, your overall “Purpose”. It won’t be easy, but I know you can do it!

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Overcoming Chaos

Think about chaos for a minute. What comes to mind for you?

Many thoughts and memories fill my mind when thinking of chaos. The most prevalent for me however, evolves around the idea of Children. Parents have a deeper understanding of this then I do. I on the other hand have had the opportunity to learn much from my nieces and nephew. They are wonderful children, but as far as chaos is concerned I can fill a couple of books with information!

My prime example is demonstrated through trying to discipline children that are not you own. Anyone who has been in this situation knows you have to balance between giving disciple, and not upsetting the parents in the process. This has never been more relevant than with my oldest niece. First I will say she is quite adorable and fun to spend time with. The times she decides to go into her own world when she no longer wants to listen, happens more often than I would like.

One particular instance remains burned in my head, because of how funny and frustrating she made me in this particular moment. To set the stage, the kids wanted to go to the park nearby, because of how beautiful it was outside. Like any other day getting the kids ready to go somewhere, was much like pulling hair out of my head. My nephew was ready to go, but my niece could not find the shoes she wanted for the park.

I asked if she “left them in her room?”. Without hesitation she took off in a sprint, as if she were looking for a lost relic. While she was away, I helped the nephew gather things he wanted to play with (Mostly my Frisbees). Minutes pass, while we wait for the older sister to return from whatever adventure she had made for herself. After about Twenty minutes pass, I decide to go up and check on her.

To my not unexpected surprise, instead of looking for her shoes, she has equipped herself in one of her favorite blue colored dresses. Walking slowly from one side of the room to the next, ignoring my presence at her doorway all together. After asking her “What are you doing?!?”, she turns slowly, as if I am suppose to appreciate the elegance of her dress. She then replies saying, “Oh, I didn’t know the kingdom would allow you into the castle”.

To most, this would cause a world full of panic trying to understand why such a statement  would be made. Her mother, father and I understand that she has placed herself in the majestic world of the movie “Frozen”, and she is in fact Elsa! In these moments her mother would take a more direct approach. Her dad more of a passive understanding approach (That’s Daddy’s little girl after all). I on the other hand use my wealth of royal knowledge against her. Hammering much history of royalty into the ground, until her enchantment decides to waste away.

After acknowledging she is in fact a princess, I then attempt to see how much she understands her responsibilities to the kingdom. I lead with the idea of royal courtship. More directly reminding her, she will have no choice to what prince she is to marry. That typically breaks the spell immediately, because she doesn’t like the idea of her parents choosing her future husband. This day however, she exclaims “She will do what is necessary for the needs of her Kingdom” (so noble).

Instead of becoming frustrated with her response, I then ask if “she would like to meet with her people?”. Without a moments hesitation she exclaimed “I would love nothing more!”. I then inform her, she would have to change into clothes that are more fitting for common locations. Out of the nines years I have known my niece, I have never seen her get ready so fast until this moment. Not only did both kids enjoy the park. The spell that captured my niece, ended the instant we got out of the car.

I have plenty of stories on my nephew as well, but I believe the story above demonstrates perfectly the idea of chaos. Instead of just telling a story, I want to give something more tangible that can be used in any relationship you have. Before I tell you that, I do believe there are situations beyond my understanding, and can’t just be answered away.

I also believe that most things in life, regardless of how chaotic they are, have another side or reason behind why they are happening. Even in the midst of whatever maybe happening,  we must understand there is a bigger picture/reason behind whatever is currently occurring. Going back to the example with my niece, she openly chooses to go into her own world, because it’s so much more enjoyable. She relishes in her imagination! Knowing this, I try to reach her where she is mentally in order to get anything accomplished!

Similarly being slow to many bigger situations may reveal much need information to either understanding, or preventing complication with whatever can happen in the future. To be clear, that does not mean it will be solved! It just means that we don’t have to exist in a world of stagnation. Once we can break the complications of the situation, I believe only then we can continue to live!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I did writing this. As always I would love to hear what you have to say, even if you don’t agree with it.

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Create Hope

“Hope”, what an interesting word, and yet it can be clouded by who we are as people. I love the idea of hope personally, but the major difference for me is how I perceive it. To me hope can be a choice, rather than a circumstance that is wrapped up with deep emotion. As an example let us look at the idea of “Mondays”. Mondays have to compete with the weekend!

Weekends are a time of relaxation, release, social gatherings, or just time away from work. For the most part, we create many positive ideas in our own heads which only occur when we are not at work. Whether we are enjoying the company of others, catching up around the house, or just relaxing. We create a different a environment in our own heads.

Now think of the idea of “Mondays”. For most everything I previously mentioned is taken from us, because we need to return to work/school. This brings the emotional problems for most, because they have to be somewhere they would prefer not to be.  So naturally the first day is always  going to the most difficult.

Interestingly enough however, you can choose to make Monday the best day of the week. For Example,  I am not a coffee drinker, but I have found myself making or buying coffee for others that “need it” to function. This simple act alone has helped create an environment that is both encouraging and hopeful.

Think about it, if you are a coffee drinker and someone was making sure you were given what you wanted to start your day, wouldn’t you have just a little appreciation for what they are doing? If this is the case, then for at least a moment you have been distracted from the fact that it is still “Monday”! Not to mention, the one who is providing this service can see the appreciation others have for what they are doing.

In that moment, hope can be seen not only in one person, but a group of people. This in turn can create many other opportunities the rest of the day. The biggest thing is being deliberate in whatever you choose to do, regardless of where you are at in life. Hope doesn’t pop out of the ground, it is created by people who choose to share it. The best part is anyone can share it! With anyone! Anywhere! I ask whoever reads this to take a chance. Share something with someone. Make them laugh. Create hope!

Of course I would love to hear what you think about this post, even if you disagree with my perspective.

For further evidence of what I discussing I recommend watching the YouTube video Master of Tides, by Lindsey Stirling.

This is a post inspired by the WordPress prompt “Hope”.