I am a gamer that loves a good story. Games such as World of Warcraft, and Destiny have caught a lot of my attention because of their lore. I don’t pretend to be a world renown author, but the games listed above are incredibly immersive and naturally create a story in my head. Because of this I have chosen to make this fan fiction site, incorporating my experiences in these games.

Many of the stories written will not hold 100% true to the lore of either game, but rather experience what I see from both worlds as I play through the games. Many characters not connected to the games will be introduced to help continue story and expand thoughts in my own head. Many of these thoughts have no connections to the games or there lore. They are merely ideas I believe to be fun or interesting to write about for narrative purpose.

Please remember this is fan fiction. No one is paying me to write these stories, I do it for the pure enjoyment of telling a story.


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