What is this feeling I have? Moments pass, yet every instance seems more meaningful than the last. I cannot place it, but for some reason it calls to me. As if the very foundations of my life are bent to the will of this one presence, this one…. feeling. I am greatly aware of it, but I know nothing of what it means, or how it’s used. Yet without it, I seem useless as if the very core of my being chooses only to exist because of this…… feeling.

It makes me quake.

It makes me angry.

It confuses me.

It amuses me.

This overwhelming……. feeling.

I cannot deny it’s power, or it’s gentleness. The gentle yet stern tones that are emitting from this feeling takes hold of my heart, my mind and my soul.

Do I also, carry the this strength within me?

If so, why then does this feeling shake the core of who I am in hopes of creating something new. I wonder? What is the best way to express this? One moment can be something small, but the very next day could be something…….overpowering!

What must I do then?

Do I fight for this?

Do I surrender to it?

Do I let it pass me by?

Do I stand alone, in this…….feeling?

For something so powerful, something so gripping, only one word seems sufficient to describe it……love.

It is love that binds my mind.

It is love that drives my passion.

It is love that builds me to be the best me, I can be.

Though I do not grasp the complexity of love, but for some reason it seeks to make itself known. Oh how I long to love, even though I feel unworthy to receive it. It however says otherwise!

Love tells me to keep going!

Love tells me when to stop!

Love tells me when to let go!

Love tells me when to hold on!

Love reminds me what a dumb decision looks like!

Love encourages me, when the right choice is not the easy one!

Much can be said of this feeling. It’s unending reach is something I will never fully fathom. Lucky for me, I don’t have to! Like I said, love seeks to make itself known.

All I need to do is receive it!


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