Daily Prompt: Promises

How do I relate with promises?

Unfortunately most of the promises I have made vanish just as fast as I make them. Whether it’s forgetfulness, laziness, or interest; Others have been either frustrated or hurt from my lack of commitment. My heart says one thing, my mind says another. Though I seek to do good and true; I combat with my lazy, uninterested mind seeking nothing as it pertains with commitment or consistency.

Many possible causes to this problem revolve around my daily routine, to which I am seeking release from. The only thing I commit my time to consistently is work, for obvious reasons. When it pertains to work, I am very dependable, adaptive, ambitious. When I am home I seek relaxation, disconnect and entertainment. These all together are not bad things. Too of my time is consumed by them however, creating the overwhelming dilemma we are currently discussing.

Promises; A very powerful and important word we as people should take more seriously. I have drawn out a small portions of life which constantly develop problems to my the promises I seek. Through these problems however I have formed possibilities in hopes of reforming the way I relate and interact with the promises I make.

Make less Promises

This seems easy, but I have found myself telling others “Sure” or “I’ll be there”. Yet when the day comes, my mind begins to question if I want to go at all. Making less promises can help prevent many occurrences of disappointing or frustrating others of the promises you have made. Do not avoid make promises altogether, because can possibly add more to the problem then help.

Making less promises is meant to help us think more about what we are committing to before we agree to it. Taking the time to evaluate if you can go/help, or even want to go/help before saying yes, can save a much hassle for everyone involved.

Schedule Events

Not only should you have these, but have it at the same time on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In a small way this can build consistency while enjoying what you are doing. This for me has been the extremely helpful in monitoring my time and how I use it. Not to mention my commitment to this, has allowed many other opportunities to develop outlets I never knew existed.

Scheduling events, stamps a time to which everything else must fit around the designated time agreed upon. Not to mention these events can also create expectation and excitement that previously did not exist in the monotony. Overall Scheduling events gives a time that everyone involved can relax, but also develop small amounts of consistency they previously lacked.

Make small changes

Like anything in life you must take things one step at a time. Rediscovering ways to commit and follow, through is no different. This has been the most important idea I have developed to pull myself from the problem that has become my lazy, distant life. Day by day, however smaller pieces of the whole which we call “life”, has become something easier to attain and commit to.

I will say these are not perfect steps, but they work for me. Following through with promises is not a work of science, nor is it easy. Developing a healthier lifestyle in terms of commitment however, is becoming more of a reality day by day.

I would also love to hear about your struggles and successes with commitment. Let’s generate some discussion about possible solutions we all can apply to build a healthier mind and life.

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