Creating Purpose

Something everyone strives to accomplish, develop, or understand. This is a very healthy aspiration in my opinion, because it provides as strong focus on the direction of their lives. On the other end of it, purpose can be quite taxing on many emotional levels due to the lack of understanding as it pertains to how we fit in. Either way I believe it is something everyone should strive for!

Interestingly enough “purpose” does not have to be a hugely overwhelming accomplishment. Such ideas as being a dedicated parent, husband, wife, brother, sister, etc. are all relevant and important purposes to aspire for. Granted these subjects have major affects on our lives, but they can be much easier to attain than “Saving the World”. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who are doing and have done incredible things. Not everyone has the opportunity however, but everyone has something they can help define and shape their future.

I am personally shaped and changed everyday from my Christian faith, so naturally my purpose is to bring glory to God in everything I do. Many oppose it, but like anything else in this world some will oppose you regardless of it’s nobility. After years of being confronted with it, I can honestly say I am used to the opposition.

For those of you who find purpose somewhere else, the biggest advice I can give is prepare, prepare, prepare! No matter what purpose you are striving to achieve, be patient and know they’re will be others who are on the same path as you are. You never have to find your purpose by yourself, others are out there and they are looking for just as much help as you are.

Whether you are in need of sympathy, strength, humor, comfort, or motivation you will can find what you need. Doing this will help you not only prepare, but also get past whatever struggle you may be facing while finding your purpose. The last advice I would give is, your purpose will change!

Weird right! If you look deep enough you will understand that you have a different purpose according to who your with, and where you are. At work, home, school you having different responsibilities, and needs. That in itself gives you a different purpose altogether. knowing this will help you create what you came here to learn, your overall “Purpose”. It won’t be easy, but I know you can do it!

As always please leave some feedback (Even if you hated it).

This was inspire by the WordPress Prompt “Purpose”.


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