The Storm


The gloomy clouds over head begin to form in a more rapid than normal pace. Wind unknown to this town made quite the arrival, in a glorious strength. What can be said, beyond admiring it’s wondrous power and ability no man can tame! The Branches struggle to hold themselves together, many smaller trees threaten to flee from the dirt their roots currently occupy.

The thunder begins to rumble; I can feel it’s deep overpowering resonance. Many cars race toward the driveways of the houses they belong. Some topple as a strong gust strikes their broadside as if the wind was seeking it’s demise. Out of terror the occupants frantically squeeze out of the nearest broken window in hopes of finding shelter. A few moments later the desperate pleas of security cease when hope of cover is finally found.

The only sound that remained was the storm! Crash goes the lighting, smash strikes the wind, splashing grows from every corner the rain sees fit to land. I can’t help but tremble a little as I continue to watch. A sign of uncertainty comes across my mind when larger than normal funnel clouds begin to form. My heart reaches for all the time, work, and love other families have shared  in the community, which has recently come at risk.

The humbling thought of what the disaster can do, strains my mind with the potential turmoil that can possibly occur. For a moment, however a sign of hope developed in my mind. Even though the lightning was powerful, and the wind ferocious; At some point the storm would choose to end. That thought alone carries so much wait, because loss will occur, but we can to carry on. In a weird way this storm has taught me about life. Everyday has battles that we will encounter and what we choose to do in it will determined what happens after it.

If we don’t seek shelter from it, or in other terms try to avoid being dragged in to the storm that others have place themselves into. Only then we will have the opportunity to watch it pass. Much like the storm my heart goes out to those involved, because in most cases I care about all of them. Even though they quarrel now the calming of the storm will happen and how we respond to it will determine if you have to endure it again.


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