Create Hope

“Hope”, what an interesting word, and yet it can be clouded by who we are as people. I love the idea of hope personally, but the major difference for me is how I perceive it. To me hope can be a choice, rather than a circumstance that is wrapped up with deep emotion. As an example let us look at the idea of “Mondays”. Mondays have to compete with the weekend!

Weekends are a time of relaxation, release, social gatherings, or just time away from work. For the most part, we create many positive ideas in our own heads which only occur when we are not at work. Whether we are enjoying the company of others, catching up around the house, or just relaxing. We create a different a environment in our own heads.

Now think of the idea of “Mondays”. For most everything I previously mentioned is taken from us, because we need to return to work/school. This brings the emotional problems for most, because they have to be somewhere they would prefer not to be.  So naturally the first day is always  going to the most difficult.

Interestingly enough however, you can choose to make Monday the best day of the week. For Example,  I am not a coffee drinker, but I have found myself making or buying coffee for others that “need it” to function. This simple act alone has helped create an environment that is both encouraging and hopeful.

Think about it, if you are a coffee drinker and someone was making sure you were given what you wanted to start your day, wouldn’t you have just a little appreciation for what they are doing? If this is the case, then for at least a moment you have been distracted from the fact that it is still “Monday”! Not to mention, the one who is providing this service can see the appreciation others have for what they are doing.

In that moment, hope can be seen not only in one person, but a group of people. This in turn can create many other opportunities the rest of the day. The biggest thing is being deliberate in whatever you choose to do, regardless of where you are at in life. Hope doesn’t pop out of the ground, it is created by people who choose to share it. The best part is anyone can share it! With anyone! Anywhere! I ask whoever reads this to take a chance. Share something with someone. Make them laugh. Create hope!

Of course I would love to hear what you think about this post, even if you disagree with my perspective.

For further evidence of what I discussing I recommend watching the YouTube video Master of Tides, by Lindsey Stirling.

This is a post inspired by the WordPress prompt “Hope”.




One thought on “Create Hope

  1. I totally agree! And have been looking for ways to do things like you buying the coffee on a daily basis now…..just small gestures can mean so much to not only the person we reach out to but by how it comes back to us too…..Great post!


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