Transmission 2: The Walk of Death

At current levels, I have approximately 3 days, 7 hours, 32.25 seconds. Time has not been my ally, nor has the opposition on my path to the Anchor of light. Due to my lack of resource, all power has been moved to movement and sensor functions only. If an attack would occur in my current condition, there’s no telling if a counterattack would be accessible. Many stored files have been deactivated except for interaction files and functionality as the only primary resources being used.

An unfamiliar rumbling has been reoccurring as of late, as if something or someone is being tortured. I have found a different species previously unknown, to me appear combating the natives I had previously mentioned. For some reason I can understand much of their language. There are many files of Kells, Houses, and something known as the “whirlwind”. My interest with this evolves around the idea of “The Traveler”, Ghosts, and “The Collapse”.

I have used my understanding of the “Fallen” to ensure safe passage on my journey to the Anchor of Light. They don’t respect me, or even like me. They only guided me when I posed the idea of connecting to The Traveler. They replied in clearing my way safely against the wormlike creatures they call in common tongue as the “Hive”. I know nothing about this race, beyond what has been mentioned in my previous Transmission.

I have been equipped with a weapon from one of the dead “Traitors of the Traveler”, as the Fallen call them. I am still unclear how to wield this weapon, and the Fallen seek not to touch it out of fear. To them it is known as the “The Fallen Seeker”, the engraving on the side reads “Hung Jury SR4”. Though my capabilities are limited, the gun’s response and balance are above and beyond any weapon I have wielded.

I have reached The Anchor of Light, but much of my time is limited. Every second my battery drains to the point of no return. If my battery drains completely I will not be able to reactivate, my memory files will sever, and I will be nothing more than a pile of scrap. If there was any time help was needed, the time is now! My connection is rapidly decreasing, the transmission is beginning to fail. For reasons unknown my battery is deteriorating!Send…….. quickly………. dead………. Failure……………………………..


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