A Quest from Tinytitan

Oh Hello there! You caught unawares I’m afraid, I was not expecting you so soon. For those of who don’t know me, my name is Tinytitan, a Ret Paladin Dwarf of from the mountains of Ironforge. I know what your thinking, “If your a dwarf, where’s the accent?”. Well the author of this story has very limited ability to dip into the world of vernacular. Truth be told, I have know Mr. HandlebarWalrus since the days of the Burning Crusade. We didn’t help prevent Kil’Jaeden from entering our world, or bring an end to Illidan Stormrage either. We on the other hand were helping fight off many pesky Murlocs, because their aggressive tendencies brought great hilarity to our lives.

It wasn’t until the time of the Lich King, that we starting to see the seriousness of our current situation. Before Arthas became the major threat of our time, I remember him as a strong hearted sometimes overconfident prince. Reminds me of myself really, except for the royal bloodline; his charming good looks; and the fact that he could pretty much have any woman he wanted; including dwarves! That was a terrible, yet glorious time for Azeroth. We lost many lives in that conflict, but for one small moment both Alliance and Horde were willing to halt their conflict to combat the Lich King and his many undead.

I can still visualize it now. Horde and Alliance fighting as one! We were the mightiest force that Azeroth had ever known. That is until the breaking of the world form the black dragon himself “Deathwing The Destroyer”. Those were relentless and exhausting times in the Halls of Ironforge. Many died fight off elementals, and other died from the opportunistic foes known as the Dark Iron Dwarves. Though they are allies to us now, I keep a close eye our Dark Iron brethren, from all the years of fighting I have spent against them. Their kind has never been one of valor in my eyes. To me they seek the selfish opportunity for glory.

Enough blabbering from me trying to convince you of who to trust, let’s get back to why you are here. There is a new yet old threat, with the legion attempting to invade Azeroth. This threat is beyond serious and has called for Azeroth’s bravest heros to aid in this campaign. Mr. HandlebarWalrus and myself will be storming the shores of the Broken Isles when the time comes, but for now there are many tasks that require our attention in The Dark Portal. Though the threat of the Warlords are over and Ner’zhul has shipped himself to the Broken Isles, there much that needs tending to.

For the next couple of weeks (if you care to join us), we will  be combating the power vacuum that has been created since the Major immediate threats have been concluded. The first location that requires our immediate attention is the land of Gorgrond. The land has become ever more ferocious, and in many cases unchallenged. We must stop this or all of Dreanor will flooded with the many elements that inhabit the forest. If you do intend to join in on this adventure, we will be leaving for Gorgrond in seven days. Bring only necessaities that you can hammer down, or the forest will scoop your belonging right under your feet. Go now and prepare for the next chapter of adventure is about to begin.




Transmission 1: Beginnings


The screen shot above inspired this narrative to be written. I took this in-game, while patrolling different caves on the moon near the Hellmouth location in Destiny.

It’s been 62 days, 11 hours, 14 minutes and 24.82 seconds since my circuits fired in this desolate cave at the bottom of the Hellmouth. Every Gear in my exo-body still grinds from the dust of this horrible moon. I don’t know why my reboot protocol activated at this time, nor do I remember how I got here. All I can remember are vague files of what humans would call, “memories”. Can’t help think, “who were the other people I was with?” and “How do they relate to me?”. One thing is for sure, I was the only exo, and the only survivor. Whether I was meant to reboot or not, staying here until my batteries finally run out, is not an optimal option.

Regardless my existence here hasn’t gone unnoticed! Suspiciously horrid looking creatures enter my cave looking for wormlike morsels this planet has been producing as a means of consumption for nourishment. They’re not intellectual beings, but they have some kind of telekinetic connection to many of the inhabitants of this planet. Some large, others small, some fly, and others wield weapons of astonishing energy. Whether they are intelligent beings or mindless brutes one conclusion is for sure, they are an extremely Dangerous!

I have sheltered in a cave (coordinates 6624:172), transmitting this message for any who are the willing to answer. I have remained fully functional, but at great cost. I have one remaining vision lens due to a recent encounter with a brute wielding a long, sharp weapon that removed 1/8 of my exoskeleton known to humans as a “face”. I consider myself fortunate from the creatures second strike that caused a collapse of the ceiling. That creature was crushed and that entrance is now sealed shut. The cave is become less dangerous since that day. The longer I live in this cave however, the more aware the natives are of my presence and the more of a threat they become.

If anyone is listening, I require your assistance. If you choose to aid me be vigilant! You will be met with heavy resistance and I have no means of going beyond the cave. With the supplies I currently have, my likeliness of survival lasts approximately 6 days, 25 minutes, 34.8 seconds. It is unclear why I was made? who made me? or who I am? The one thing I am certain of is, whatever is stirring on this planet and wields great power! There are moments I can sense it’s strength as if I have some kind of connection to it’s overwhelming presence. For some unidentified reason I am drawn towards it, encouraged to step forward, enticed by what it has to offer. The more I deny it’s attempts, the more I am confronted by the horrid creatures I previously documented.

Because of this, I has severed incoming transmissions to prevent any further connection this presence may in the future attempt. This also means I will not be aware of any response transmitted back to me, from any who are hearing this message. I have many detailed files of this planet, and will attempt to abandon this cave and station myself at the “Anchor of light”. I will be awaiting whomever arrives, signal me with two red lights, one Green light, and three white lights, only then will I know you are friend.

Transmission concluded.